Mickey Maff

Hello peoples


“School is practice for the future. Practice makes perfect. Nobody is perfect. So why practice?”

—   Billie Joe Armstrong

You’re with him.

Today I saw you… You came over and I got really happy. Then I relized you were here for him… We sat on my couch and talked. I had to stop myself when I relized I was sorta flirting with you. We talked about music. X Factor audition songs and you found something in their room haha. I let you borrow my head phones. And I saw you kiss him goodbye and I could feel inside a burning flame of pure hatred for him. But if you’re happy then I’m happy. So I will continue to sit back and like your beautiful photos on Facebook. And say hi occationally. I hope you arent reading this. Most likely you arent. You were the one who pointed out I only have 2 followers haha. But anyways. Yeah I kinda really like you so um. Yeah. Bye.


Get on my fucking level.


Get on my fucking level.

Get on my fucking level.
Old lighting tricks(;
Story of my life

What are you going to do your first day at BTHS in December?

I’m not a pro at being social. So don’t expect me to pull mad bitches. I’ll keep to myself. Key word there. MYSELF. The less I talk the less likely I am to get beat up. Well not beat up. A physical altercation in wich one person goes to jail and another is in the hospital. I’ll let your imagination tell you who will be playing what part in this event.

He wouldve been 81 today. Much love.

"Are you still moving back to New Jersey"

As far as I know. Thats what my next move is. I got the music. I got the label. Now all I need is a fucking home.